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Number Station Information

Numbers & Oddities - Ary's N&O site, home of the N&O newsletter - Daily Numbers Schedules Calendar. Radio, Number Stations & more

Historic Number Station Information

Number Stations - Dirk Rijmenants' Number Stations Page

Uno, Dos, Cuatro - A guide to Numbers Stations - 'Havana Moon's' 1987 Book (pdf)

Secret Signals - The Euronumbers Mystery - Simon Mason's 1991 Book (pdf)

The Conet Project Disks - Collection of recordings released by Akin Fernandez (1997)

The Conet Project Booklet - Accompanying Booklet & Content List for Disks (pdf)

Signal Identification

Signal Identification Guide - - Comprehensive list of SW signals

Leif Dehio's Digital Modes Site - Ultimate source for digital signal identification

Mystery Signals of the Short Wave - Oddities heard on short wave, past & present

Historical Information

Electronic Espionage - Unique personal insight into the clandestine 'Y' SIGINT Service

The Secret Listeners - 1979 BBC Documentary about the VI (Voluntary Interceptors) in WWII

BRIXMIS - The history of the British C.I.C. Mission in East Germany 1946-1990

Technical Information

Cipher Machines & Cryptology - Dirk Rijmenants' detailed site covering these subjects.


Eye Spy Intelligence Magazine - The leading publication on espionage & intelligence


Audacity - An excellent free sound recording & editing program

Audio Spectral Analysis - Spectrogram V5.0 - Last free version

PDF Reader (Cost Free) - Adobe PDF reader for ENIGMA Newsletters & Documents


Sigint-Group.Org - Germany - German language radio forum

Southgate Amateur Radio Club - A well maintained, news site useful to radio enthusiasts

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