ENIGMA 2000 Sound Samples   -   Slavic & Other Languages

All samples on this page are in MP3 format.

Slavic Language

S06   Russian Man 00000   9230kHz   1950z   14 May02   [E2k Slavic Desk]   (36Kb)

S06   Female   New Voice   8100kHz   1300z   27 July05   [Gert]   (30Kb)

S06e   10485kHz   1100z   21 Apr05   [RNGB]  (31Kb)

S06s   Female   Slow 0's   11515kHz  27 Oct05   [RNGB]  (75Kb)

S06s   Full Msg   ID 276   16020kHz   1010z   11 Aug 2021   [BR]  (240Kb)

S10d   Czech Lady   13404kHz   1855z   03 Sep02   [E2k Slavic Desk]  (80Kb)

S10e   10462kHz   1300z   02 July00   [E2k Slavic Desk]   (31Kb)

S11a   S11a variant [ AF]   see NL issue12   (11Kb)

S13   4130kHz   1700z   30 Nov03   [RNGB]   (56Kb)

S17c   8190kHz   1250z   19 Nov00   [E2k Slavic Desk]   (43Kb)

S21   Start & Ending (with S06 OM Voice)   4454kHz   1842z   12 Oct10   [RNGB]   (290Kb)

S25   Past S25   14890kHz   0800z   Daily Tx 1998   [AnonUK]  (164Kb)

S28   S28 [XB] Buzzer UVB-76   4625kHz   2125z   15 July98   [AnonNI]  (11Kb)

S30   5448kHz   1501z   12 Mar05   USB   [Manolis of Crete]  (91Kb)

S30   "The Pip" Voice Msg   3756kHz   0030z   22 Nov09   AM   [MS]  (657Kb)

Other Languages

V02a   Spanish   12165kHz   0200z   05 Apr04   (41043 56932 57352)   [C.Acuff US]  (26Kb)

V07   Spanish   14620kHz   0600z   06 Jun02   [PLondon]   (30Kb)

V08   Arabic   Eastern Music   6647kHz   [Mike of Kent]   (45Kb)

V13   Manderin   New Star Radio   11430kHz   1200z   25 Oct09  [J.Adams Russia]   (124Kb)

V16   Chinese Lady   11028kHz   1977   Copyright: [MoK]  (21Kb)

V21   Spanish   The Babbler   Counting 1 to 100   6529kHz   27 Nov07   [Male Anon]  (207Kb)

V22   Chinese   8375kHz   [Rob of Essex]   (45Kb)

V24   S.Korean   Four-Figure   6215kHz   1400z   19 Mar09   [Token USA]  (430Kb)

V24   S.Korean   Five-Figure   5715kHz   1400z   16 Mar09   [Token USA]  (1374Kb)

V26   Chinese   Start & End   9153kHz   1345z   27 July10   [Token USA]  (129Kb)

V28   N.Korean   Sample   3277kHz   1330z   01 Dec15   [Token USA]  (106Kb)

V30   Vietnamese   Start & End   10225kHz   1557z   20 Dec12   [BR]  [Via Mojave] (396Kb)

Unid   Chinese (V16 / V25?)  11147kHz   1412z(IP) Via HKong   01 Jun12   [BR]  (118Kb)

Unid   French - Family 1a Format (Spoof?)  13420kHz   0944z   17 Mar10   [BR]  (654Kb)

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