ENIGMA 2000 Sound Samples   -   Digital & Hybrid Mixed-Mode.

All samples on this page are in MP3 format.

SK01   Transmitted on some M08a & V02a transmissions.

SK01.TXT   Text File     [MaleAnon]   (656Kb)

This is how the transmissions sounds if a text file (ending extension .txt) is transmitted.

There is a 10 second lead in/tuning tone which is actually 2 tones at 1180 and 1520 Hz, then the data itself is transmitted followed by a slightly different sound to denote the end of the transmission.

For a 1kb file which is normally transmitted the data part of the TX lasts about 32 seconds.

SK01.F1F   F1F File     [MaleAnon]   (613Kb)

In this transmission the file that was transmitted had the extension .F1F.

In this case the transmission sounds different as there is a warbling sound at the beginning of the data transmission and also at the end.

This holds true for other file extensions also but we are not sure why this would be.

On June 23rd 2012 at 1000z on 9112kHz a new transmission format was seen. The modes mentioned above transmit one time at 5 minute intervals.

The new TX format consisted of 3 sets of lead in tones (30 seconds followed by a data transmission with no file extension followed immediately by a 10 second lead in tone, another transmission then another 10 second lead in tone followed by a 3rd transmission (each data burst was 18 seconds in length).

The cycle immediately began repeating with another 3 sets of lead in tones

Hybrid Mixed-mode Stations.

HM01 - Hybrid Mixed-mode. Used by Cuban stations from Nov 2012.

Consists of alternating V02a speech IDs followed by SK01 digital files.

HM01   HM01 Start (in progress),   10715kHz   2200z   18 Feb13  [BR]  (341Kb)

HM02 - Hybrid Mixed-mode. Believed Russian Family 1.   Assigned May2015.

Consists of FSK transmission followed by Morse msg. (Under investigation May 2015)

HM02   HM02 Full transmission,   7351kHz   0500z   02 May15  [PLdn]  (1330Kb)

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